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Coffee and Clay, 14 High Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1JZ

Tel: 01756 792132, Email: [email protected]


Trading as Coffee and Clay Ltd | Company No. 04886129



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• Painters are given a brief induction on how to use the paints, etc. Coffee and Clay cannot accept responsibility for pieces wherem instructions have not been followed.


• There may be minor colour variations on pieces according to how they have been painted; this is the nature of the natural state of the clay.


• Pottery is fragile. Any breakages will be charged at the full shelf price.


• It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect pottery before it leaves the studio.  Coffee and Clay will not be liable for any damaged items or breakages once the item has left the studio. Coffee and Clay cannot take responsibility for how items are handled or used once they have been collected. Pottery is fragile and will chip or break if misused.


• We are only liable for the price of the pottery piece – if any damage occurs during the firing process we will offer for you to come and paint another piece to the same value.


• All breakages within the studio must be paid for. Your children are your own responsibility and must be supervised at all times.


• Glazed and fired pottery will be held for six months from the date of first painting. Coffee and Clay cannot take  responsibility for how items are handled or used once they have been collected. Pottery is fragile and will chip or break if misused.


• The pottery is dishwasher safe, however to prolong its life, we would suggest hand washing. The pottery is food safe, but not recommended for the microwave or oven.




• When a piece is completed the Coffee and Clay staff will give an estimated date when we expect the piece to benglazed and fired ready for your collection. This is normally 7 working days after the piece has been finalised. It will normally be available after 11am on the date in question. If there is any delay our staff will endeavour to call you in advance.



Courier and Postage

  • We are happy to send completed pottery by post or courier on request, the cost of this is available from or staff and will depend upon the size of your chosen product.


  • However, we prefer not to as none of the main carriers or post office will insure pottery, posted items are sent at your own risk and unfortunately we can't be responsible for breakages. We also offer an express firing service (usually 4 working days) which may mean you can avoid paying for and risking delivery.

  • If an item has not been received within two weeks it is important to get in touch with us immediately so that we can contact the courier company within their normal terms.


  • We recommend providing a telephone number and e-mail address so that the package can be easily tracked. We are happy to supply the courier company's tracking details.


  • Coffee and Clay’s liability ends when the parcel has been delivered intact according to the courier company's tracking procedure. Damaged items should be notified within 24 hours of delivery and no later than 26 days from the date of dispatch so that the courier company can be contacted within their terms.




  • Full payment is due at the time of briefing. A commission will not be started until full payment has been received. An expected completion date will be given. Our staff will call once the piece has been finalised.


  • As these are bespoke pieces they cannot be changed once work has commenced.


  • Coffee and Clay staff will not make any alterations to the original signed-off brief, unless specified beforehand. The expected completion date is an estimate due to the nature of the process. This is usually at least one week before the actual due date to enable any corrections to be made and to allow for any kiln firing problems. For this reason we recommend that items that have a specific due date are briefed well in advance.


  • Commissions will not normally be accepted with a deadline of less than two weeks.


  • Commissions that do not have a deadline date will be completed in date order in which they were briefed.




  • Bookings are not normally necessary at the studio. We do however recommend booking for large groups, with a small deposit appropriate tables can be reserved for you.


  • For bookings outside normal opening hours and for parties a deposit will be required. For a birthday party this is £40 of the expected painting cost. This deposit is refundable against the cost on the day - other than the following;


         - Cancellation more than 14 days in advance – no deposit refund.

         - Cancellation within 7 days – full deposit refund.










Change in the Law

  • We have reviewed our data use and storage in our business based on our understanding of the changes in Data Protection law on GDPR applicable from May 2018. The statements below represent our findings as a result of that review.


What data do we hold?

At Coffee and Clay we record the following information in our written diary and on hand written receipts in relation to your booking for pottery painting, courses and the pottery you may be leaving for us to glaze & fire:

  • Booking date

  • Any food allergies/intolerances (if food is included in the booking)

  • Lead booking contact name

  • Contact telephone number(s) &/or email address

  • Postal address (if delivery is required) and any special instructions for our couriers

  • Details of the pottery being left and likely delivery date

  • We also have customers’ email addresses/mobile numbers in our email/phone records.

  • We do not take card payments through our website so we do not store bank card details. The majority of our payments are paid on-line or in person through our card payment machine, by cheque or in cash. On occasion, we do card details over the phone to put through our card machine but in this case they are hand written and destroyed immediately once the payment is complete.


How do we store the data we hold?

  • We have a written daily diary with the details of those booking pottery parties or pottery painting and written carbon receipts (which we keep one copy and the customer has a copy) for any pottery left here for glazing & firing.

  • We also have customers’ email addresses/mobile numbers in our email/phone records.


How do we use the data we hold?

  • The data we hold is purely used to contact customers about their booking prior to their arrival, during the course of classes/courses and afterwards in relation to delivery of pottery or any items left behind.


  • We do not contact customers (past, present or future) with any information regarding any promotions or future events at Coffee and Clay. All promotional marketing of this nature is undertaken via our ‘Latest News’ on our website, on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram,  press releases, printed materials and advertising.


  • The Coffee and Clay Facebook page is used to update those who have indicated they wish to be ‘friends’ of the business. This is subject to the normal security protocols of Facebook, contains no personal information and people can ‘unfriend’ at any point.


What will we do if you wish to change your data record or have it removed?

  • We do not proactively use data held to contact customers (past, present or future) so in the case where visitors’ contact details have changed then following an inbound communication from them in relation to a new booking, the new contact details would be used in relation to that booking.


  • In terms of access, we have stated here what data we hold on visitors, why we hold it and what it is used for.


  • In terms of personal data removal, should visitors wish us to remove their personal data held then the following would happen. We would delete all emails/mobile messages in our records relating to their email address & mobile number and (assuming all pottery had been delivered) destroy the carbon receipt and remove the written record in the diary.


  • In terms of any messages/communications/reviews etc left by visitors on Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook or any other third party platform then we would expect customers to manage and remove those as they saw fit, although we do feature some on our website and if we were asked to remove these then we would.


  • We would undertake this within a month or receiving the request (to allow for delay if we are on holiday) and we would then confirm the removal of data (and then destroy that communication).


Data Security

  • As our business is run by 2 people who are a married couple and they are the only people who have access to the data we hold, our assessment of the risk of a breach is that it is highly remote. We do not anticipate any security breaches.



  • We do not believe that the way we store and use the data we hold provides a security risk or falls within the scope of the changed data protection legislation in GDPR from May 2018.

Coffee and Clay, 14 High Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1JZ

Tel: 01756 792132, Email: [email protected]


Trading as Coffee and Clay Ltd | Company No. 04886129



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