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Signing Plates

How Much Do Signing Plates Cost?

There are 2 main types of 40cm round plates or platters; the difference is that they come with or without a deep rim. Fully commissioned with a small motif or design of your own in the middle either of these plates fully glazed and fired costs £50.


How are the Signing Plates (The Logistics)?

Take an un-glazed piece along to your chosen event and ask your guests to sign the pottery (as they would a GUEST BOOK) using a normal HB pencil we give you. Then simply bring the plate back to our studio where we will do the rest to add your design ideas together with wording of your choice. Items will be glazed and fired in our Kiln within the week.

Alternatively, if you let me have your wedding list, I will paint all the names on for you and these will be glazed onto the plate in time for display at the reception.

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